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Catholic group files suit to block rule that could force doctors to perform sex-reassignment surgery (CWN 2016-12-30)
Study claiming no emotional suffering after abortion was deeply flawed, analysis shows (CWN 2016-12-20)
Vatican policy does not bar homosexual priests: L'Osservatore Romano analysis (CWN 2016-12-20)
Federal court: no conflict between practicing Christian faith, processing same-sex marriage licenses (CWN 2016-12-20)
Ohio Governor Kasich vetoes one pro-life bill, signs another into law (CWN 2016-12-14)
US Church leaders, in joint statement, urge officials to reject coercive measures on gender identity (CWN 2016-12-14)
Canadian bishop take different stands on sacraments for Catholics planning assisted suicide (CWN 2016-12-14)
Swiss bishop: no last rites for people planning assisted suicide (CWN 2016-12-09)
San Diego's Bishop McElroy strongly encourages Communion for divorced/ remarried (CWN 2016-11-29)
French cardinal raps government's 'obsession' with abortion (CWN 2016-11-28)
Oppose physician-assisted suicide with 'renewed vigor,' says Cardinal Dolan (CWN 2016-11-22)
Pope issues apostolic letter on mercy, extends faculties for SSPX, abortion absolutions (CWN 2016-11-21)
Pursue truth with compassion in marriage tribunals, Pope tells bishops (CWN 2016-11-18)
Those with rare diseases deserve equal access to effective healthcare, Pope says in message (CWN 2016-11-14)
Ontario doctors challenge mandated referral for assisted suicide (CWN 2016-11-11)
University of Mary, other North Dakota institutions file suit against transgender regulation (CWN 2016-11-10)
To discourage abortion, Poland to offer bonus for parents of disabled babies (CWN 2016-11-07)
DC city council approves assisted suicide (CWN 2016-11-02)
Cardinal Kasper sees 'paradigm shift' in Church teaching on marriage/ divorce/ Communion (CWN 2016-10-25)
Italian bishops decry 'throwaway culture' in message for pro-life day (CWN 2016-10-25)
Bid to ban abortion of disabled babies advances in British Parliament (CWN 2016-10-21)
Vicar for Rome isssues strict guidelines for implementing Amoris Laetitia (CWN 2016-10-04)
In Georgia, Pope speaks of 'world war' against marriage, decries gender theory; 'never proselytize the Orthodox!' (CWN 2016-10-03)
In press conference, Pope discusses US presidential election, ministry to trans gendered persons (CWN 2016-10-03)
San Marino liberalizes abortion law (CWN 2016-09-26)
Pope backs Mexican bishops' defense of life, marriage (CWN 2016-09-26)
Bishop Olmsted: Amoris Laetitia does not mean Communion for divorced/ remarried Catholics (CWN 2016-09-22)
Over 500 scholars affirm Church teaching on contraception (CWN 2016-09-20)
USCCB committee chairs: Catholic teaching on nature of marriage cannot change (CWN 2016-09-20)
Belgium reports first euthanasia of teenager (CWN 2016-09-19)
Canadian bishops: no change in policy on Communion for divorced/ remarried (CWN 2016-09-15)
Cooperation in abortion, homicide, attempted suicide ruled obstacles to priestly ordination (CWN 2016-09-15)
Virginia bishop responds to Kaine's support for same-sex marriage, affirms Church teaching (CWN 2016-09-13)
Diocese backs school's rejection of application from transgender student (CWN 2016-09-13)
Pope confirms: Amoris Laetitia allows divorced/ remarried to receive Communion in some cases (CWN 2016-09-12)
Federal court backs Catholic hospital that did not refer for abortion (CWN 2016-09-09)
Massschusetts law could force churches to follow transgender-access policy (CWN 2016-09-07)
Indian bishop criticizes surrogacy bill (CWN 2016-08-31)
Federal court backs law removing religious exemption from vaccinations (CWN 2016-08-30)
States, Catholic hospital network file suit against HHS transgender regulation (CWN 2016-08-25)
No scientific evidence to support gender ideology, scholars argue (CWN 2016-08-22)
Pope Francis strongly criticizes transgender ideology (CWN 2016-08-04)
African bishops pledge to protect, defend family (CWN 2016-07-27)
Illinois bishop defends Archbishop Chaput's teaching on Communion for divorced/remarried (CWN 2016-07-19)
Massachusetts bishops issue neutral statement on state guarantee for 'transgender' rights (CWN 2016-07-11)
Irish lawmakers reject proposal to allow abortion in cases of fetal abnomality (CWN 2016-07-08)
Duterte promises to promote contraception in Philippines (CWN 2016-06-27)
Pope: Church should apologize for mistreating gays (CWN 2016-06-27)
HHS: California is permitted to force insurers to cover abortions (CWN 2016-06-23)
Compassion is key to good medicine, Pope tells doctors (CWN 2016-06-09)
Elton John battles to suppress critical story about homosexual partnership (CWN 2016-05-26)
Bishop welcomes ban on most late-term abortions (CWN 2016-05-20)
Dutch doctors approve euthanasia for sex-abuse victim (CWN 2016-05-16)
England: midwives' group urges end to abortion restrictions (CWN 2016-05-16)
Pope Francis: Catholics, Copts can offer joint witness to dignity of life, marriage, creation (CWN 2016-05-10)
Amid new embryo experiments, Vatican newspaper laments human guinea pigs (CWN 2016-05-10)
Pope Francis: health care is a 'universal right,' not a 'consumer good' (CWN 2016-05-09)
Italian bishops will oppose any bid for gay adoptions: Cardinal Bagnasco (CWN 2016-05-04)
Sponsor of Abortion Act ridicules Northern Ireland's pro-life law (CWN 2016-04-26)
Schools could be sued for assaults in gender-neutral bathrooms, lawyer warns (CWN 2016-04-25)
Rhode Island Catholic school promises 'accommodations' for transgender students (CWN 2016-03-09)
South Dakota governor vetoes bathroom legislation (CWN 2016-03-03)
Supreme Court hears arguments on Texas abortion law (CWN 2016-03-02)
Cardinal Muller cautions: Italian civil-union proposal must not compromise marriage (CWN 2016-02-25)
Portugal's parliament overrides presidential veto of abortion, adoption bills (CWN 2016-02-16)
NY governor bans 'hateful' therapy for youth with same-sex, transgender inclinations (CWN 2016-02-16)
UN officials, promoting abortion as response to Zika, likened to King Herod by Peruvian cardinal (CWN 2016-02-11)
Northern Ireland: Catholic bishops oppose move to allow abortion in cases of severe fetal defect (CWN 2016-02-09)
Latin American prelates decry push for abortion as response to Zika virus (CWN 2016-02-05)
French leftists press for universal ban on surrogacy  (CWN 2016-02-05)
Canadian cardinal urges lawmakers to protect conscience rights in assisted-suicide legislation (CWN 2016-02-04)
Vatican newspaper denounces UK approval of 'gene-editing' of human embryos (CWN 2016-02-03)
Milan's Cardinal Scola warns against same-sex adoption, backs defense of family (CWN 2016-01-29)
Calgary's Bishop Henry rejects criticism, repeats condemnation of 'transgender' guidelines  (CWN 2016-01-27)
Leading Italian prelate suggests priorities, speaks against same-sex unions   (CWN 2016-01-26)
Pope strongly upholds Christian marriage as attainable ideal, rejects other forms of union (CWN 2016-01-22)
New school guidelines on transgender students are 'madness', says Canadian Bishop (CWN 2016-01-15)


European Parliament condemns surrogacy, calls for 'safe abortions' (CWN 2015-12-18)
Cardinal Burke: Communion for divorced/ remarried would be 'fundamental' break from Church teaching (CWN 2015-12-03)
Wales begins 'presumed consent' policy for organ donation (CWN 2015-12-02)
Leading Polish prelate affirms: no Communion for those who have remarried outside the Church (CWN 2015-11-20)
Not even a Pope can change Church teaching on marriage: Cardinal Sarah (CWN 2015-11-19)
US Supreme Court will hear challenge to Texas abortion law (CWN 2015-11-13)
US envoy for gay, transgender issues meets with Vatican officials (CWN 2015-11-13)
Hong Kong cardinal speaks out against sexual-orientation legislation (CWN 2015-11-10)
Colombia's bishops criticize legalization of adoption by same-sex couples (CWN 2015-11-06)
Bishops of Northern Ireland issue statement on same-sex marriage (CWN 2015-11-03)
Russian Orthodox patriarch criticizes US secularization, same-sex marriage (CWN 2015-10-30)
Action urged on Abortion Non-Discrimination Act (CWN 2015-10-28)
Planned Parenthood abortionist speaks of harvesting fetal heads in latest undercover video (CWN 2015-10-27)
Pope announces new Vatican congregation for laity, family, and life (CWN 2015-10-22)
Key Indian cardinal speaks about Catholics with same-sex attractions (CWN 2015-10-20)
Pope Francis reflects on the Church and the family (CWN 2015-10-07)
Hong Kong cardinal: strengthen marriage instead of redefining it (CWN 2015-10-06)
Build a 'family-society,' not a 'fortress-society,' Pope says in Angelus address (CWN 2015-10-05)
As Synod opens, Pope calls on Church to defend 'unity and indissolubility' of marriage bond (CWN 2015-10-05)
African prelates urge clear teaching on marriage in new book (CWN 2015-10-02)
800,000 sign plea for clear statement of Church teaching on marriage, family (CWN 2015-09-29)
Euthanasia, clerical abuse on agenda of Canadian bishops' meeting  (CWN 2015-09-15)
New fetal-cell lines being introduced for vaccine production (CWN 2015-09-11)
USCCB outlines concerns about proposed Medicare rule on end-of-life decisions  (CWN 2015-09-07)
Eleven cardinals contribute to new book urging Synod to uphold Church teaching on marriage (CWN 2015-08-31)
New video reveals 'a lot' of intact baby cadavers supplied by Planned Parenthood  (CWN 2015-08-25)
Catholic hospital to permit sterilization following lawsuit threat (CWN 2015-08-25)
Over 60,000 participated in demonstrations to defund Planned Parenthood (CWN 2015-08-24)
Archbishop Cupich calls for new approaches to family breakdown (CWN 2015-08-24)
Vatican newspaper highlights Orthodox prelate's reflections on marriage (CWN 2015-08-21)
Ghana bishops' pro-life conference denounces abortion, upholds sacramental marriage (CWN 2015-08-20)
Former Archbishop of Canterbury breaks with colleagues, supports legal euthanasia (CWN 2015-08-14)
Swiss bishop apologizes for calling homosexual acts 'abomination' (CWN 2015-08-13)
Dutch court approves woman's choice for euthanasia, in spite of dementia diagnosis (CWN 2015-08-13)
New video alleges fetal tissues harvested without consent at Planned Parenthood (CWN 2015-08-12)
Abortion, other moral ills are not equivalent: Archbishop Chaput (CWN 2015-08-11)
Cardinal Schonborn foresees no change in Church teaching on marriage, divorce (CWN 2015-08-11)
Bolivian bishop opposes UN committee's push for abortion (CWN 2015-08-04)
UN defeats bid to list abortion, gay rights among Sustainable Development Goals  (CWN 2015-08-03)
Planned Parenthood videotapes may show evidence of tissue-harvesting from babies born alive (CWN 2015-07-31)
Kenyan bishops support vaccination boycott, citing risks (CWN 2015-07-30)
Australian Labor Party moves to dismiss members who oppose same-sex marriage  (CWN 2015-07-27)
Gay activists meet with Irish archbishop, plead for change in Church teaching (CWN 2015-07-27)
Polish bishops denounce new law allowing state funding for IVF (CWN 2015-07-24)
Record number of transplants in China raises new concern about organ harvesting  (CWN 2015-07-22)
US Supreme Court rules all states must recognize same-sex marriage (CWN 2015-06-26)
Australian bishops: 'Don't mess with marriage' (CWN 2015-06-05)
Pope affirms link between Church's pro-life and social teaching (CWN 2015-05-25)
Irish bishops issue multiple statements on same-sex marriage referendum (CWN 2015-05-18)
Action urged on legislation that would ban most late-term abortions (CWN 2015-05-13)
Irish bishops, in separate statements, plead for caution on same-sex marriage (CWN 2015-05-11)
English bishop welcomes priests' statement urging Synod to reaffirm Church teaching on marriage  (CWN 2015-05-11)
Referendum on same-sex marriage could split Ireland 'irreparably,' journalists argue (CWN 2015-05-08)
Dublin archbishop discusses opposition to same-sex marriage (CWN 2015-05-07)
Irish archbishop warns: approval of same-sex marriage will bring intolerance of Christians  (CWN 2015-05-04)
Pope laments broken marriage bonds, calls for equal pay for equal work (CWN 2015-04-29)
Supreme Court hears oral arguments in same-sex marriage case (CWN 2015-04-29)
Thousands attend March for Marriage in Washington (CWN 2015-04-27)
US priests urge Synod to issue clear affirmation of Church teaching on marriage (CWN 2015-04-27)
Pope laments devaluation of 'stable and generative covenant' of marriage (CWN 2015-04-22)
Vatican envoy regrets UN emphasis on abortion, efforts to curb population growth  (CWN 2015-04-16)
Dublin's Archbishop Martin calls for calm, respectful debate on same-sex marriage  (CWN 2015-03-20)
Leading Holy See diplomat praises America's youthful pro-life movement (CWN 2015-03-18)
Virginia bishops back pastor who broke with K of C council over honor for pro-abortion governor (CWN 2015-03-12)
The elderly have a special spiritual mission, Pope tells Wednesday audience (CWN 2015-03-11)
Irish bishops encourage faithful to 'reflect' on implications of vote for same-sex marriage  (CWN 2015-03-10)
Ontario: physicians must provide abortion referrals (CWN 2015-03-06)
Slovenian lawmakers approve same-sex marriage (CWN 2015-03-05)
Study finds maternal health statistics best where abortion is restricted (CWN 2015-03-02)
Irish columnist: priests should speak out on same-sex marriage (CWN 2015-02-27)
New research shows more emotional problems in children from same-sex households  (CWN 2015-02-10)
Kenyan bishops remain leery of vaccination campaign (CWN 2015-01-22)
Supreme Court will rule on same-sex marriage (CWN 2015-01-16)
Archbishop rips proposal to allow abortion of deformed children in Northern Ireland  (CWN 2015-01-12)
Florida bishop seeks respectful dialogue on marriage (CWN 2015-01-08)
Florida bishops react to same-sex marriage (CWN 2015-01-06)


Vatican newspaper rues European court decision on stem cells (CWN 2014-12-22)
To UK court denies 'conscience clause' protection to pro-life midwives (CWN 2014-12-17)
Inaccurate prenatal tests prompt more abortions, study shows (CWN 2014-12-15)
Vatican releases working document for next Synod meeting on marriage and family (CWN 2014-12-09)
Marriage is the only institution that protects children, Irish columnist argues (CWN 2014-12-05)
Vatican envoy urges UN: put policy focus on family (CWN 2014-12-03)
'Massive' pro-life march in Chile (CWN 2014-12-03)
Finland's parliament approves same-sex marriage (CWN 2014-12-02)
Archbishop Cupich speaks on Holy Communion for pro-abortion politicians (CWN 2014-12-02)
Vatican to host major conference on traditional marriage (CWN 2014-11-03)
USCCB welcomes court decision on marriage (CWN 2014-09-08)
Catechesis published for World Meeting of Families (CWN 2014-09-04)
Gay group will march in NY St. Patrick's day parade; Cardinal Dolan gives OK (CWN 2014-09-03)
Showing the Courage to battle homosexual impulses Catholic Culture Commetary 2014-07-31
European court: no 'human right' to same-sex marriage (CWN 2014-07-28)
White House plans new 'accommodation' for religious groups on contraceptive mandate (CWN 2014-07-23)
Former Dutch regulator of euthanasia now criticizes practice (CWN 2014-07-23)
Croatian parliament gives same-sex unions same benefits as marriage (CWN 2014-07-16)
Bishops in Philippines encourage conscientious objection to new reproductive-health law (CWN 2014-07-11)
Polish doctor fired for declining to perform abortion (CWN 2014-07-11)
Singapore archbishop defends stance against same-sex adoption   (CWN 2014-07-07)